FOOOZ coin unique project to mines the top 10 coins and deposit the erupted coins in a locked wallet to back up the FOOOZ coin value in the market will just make a situation that FOOOZ coin to overcome the Bitcoin price on the market.

The FOOOZ coin ICO started 7th. of April 2018,  and offers extra 25% to investors in FOOOZ ICO site www.foooz.com and offers many different payment plans to investors up too 10 month.

The founder Dr. Hesham Dabah , a medical doctor who studied economy in US and holds a degree in management from AUC  university and has more than 25 years of experience in business developments says that FOOOZ TOKEN solves the volatility and ups and downs of coins .

Says, the FOOOZ coin has a simple yet very innovative and direct approach through creating unlimited coins deposits into a public locked wallet through investing all the ICO raised fund in running 5 mining farms to create an endless stream or erupted coins deposited into the FOOOZ TOKEN locked wallet in ERC20 smart contract over Ethereum blockchain.

Adding that diversifying the token collateral coins between the various top 10 coins allows to continue up surge the FOOOZ TOKEN price no matter which coin is up and which is down.