FPG-USA is your credible resource for analyzing mortgage toxicity for legal foreclosure defense. Toxicity is the degree flaws in a mortgage undermine claims and rights of the mortgage holder, as a legal defense of defaulted loans and foreclosure actions.

Evidentiary Findings Reports may be submitted to ALL U.S. Courts under their rules of evidence, including Judicial and Non-Judicial process states.

We serve the entire USA via fax, phone, email and the internet.

FPG-USA products and services include:

Mortgage analysis.
Written assessments.
Forensic discovery (see more detailed description below).
Evidentiary findings reports.
Compliance analysis (see more detailed description below).

Violations are a defense against foreclosure. Violations can result in rescission (apply all the interest to principle amounts and cancel the loan), reimbursements, damages (such as double and treble), attorneys fees, etc; which can serve to get you out of a bad loan completely. In any case, this will certainly promote a serious settlement negotiation with your lender/servicer if you have expert evidence of violations.