Established In 2017, FRNCHS MEDIA is a boutique publicity/multi-media firm specialized in the intersection of entertainment public relations, music administration, and brand communications. FRNCHS MEDIA is a fully integrated agency which takes a creative approach when addressing client’s goals as they relate to media, marketing, and communications. We believe our client’s success is our success. Our mission is simple, to help our clients realize their vision. We have the power, skill, and resources to develop a dynamic plan for a career, a business, a product or a brand.
FRNCHS MEDIA gives you access to all of the industry’s top producers, cinematographers,editors and journalists in print, broadcast and the Internet. We look at the big picture and help you integrate all of your public relations needs. We aim to help you analyze your public relations, sponsorship, and marketing goals, and provide a focused approach to target your audience. FRNCHS MEDIA strategically structures your public relations campaign and publicity programs for success.
FRNCHS MEDIA is a division of THE FRANCHISE MOVEMENT , a fully functioning Multi-Media Entertainment Company with a focus in Public Relations, Management, Music, Distribution, Touring & Merchandising, Magazine Publishing, Film & Television, Sports, and Branding.
Clients signed to THE FRANCHISE MOVEMENT partake in full-rights deals, which are all encompassing and include ticket sales, record sales and all forms of endorsements. THE FRANCHISE MOVEMENT is also a successful creative consulting firm on several projects.