Offering Classroom and Online Training Programs For First Responders

Our goal is to help First Responders respond safely and competently to fire and hazmat emergencies. The best way to achieve this is through up to date training programs. Our courses are designed to provide first responders with the latest information available.

We offer two types of training: Pre-Packaged & Elearning.

With our pre-packaged courses, you can deliver the course content to your employees. We provide you with the Power Point presentations and Student Manuals, to deliver the training yourself.

We also include activities that can be used as table top session. These activities reinforce what the students have learned during the presentation.

With our E-Learning system, your employees will be able to access premade or customs courses from any internet connected computer any time of the day.

All user activity is logged and stored in our databases and can be accessed at any time by your group administrator.

Save time and money by choosing our e-learning program.

If you have a group of employees that need training, then our new Dedicated Server program is for you. With our new Dedicated Server program, your department or company will have access to its' own dedicated website/webserver.

You will be able to assign different levels of access for your employees, with one overall administrator. The administrator will be able to view real time statistics for employees enrolled in the class such as course progress, test scores, time spent in course and more.

There are no additional set-up fees, or monthly charges. Once enrolled, your group will have access to the dedicated server and the course for six months. After that you can decide if you want to continue with the dedicated server, purchase additional classes, or stop the service.

We also offer an upgrade to the Premium Package that would allow you to create your own custom courses. You will be able to upload documents, PowerPoint, create tests and more, all which can be accessed by your employees. Administrators will have the ability to create courses, track employee statistics, create new users and more. Custom courses can also be created for you for an additional fee.