Florida Sustainable Agriculture Cooperative is focused on changing the world for farmers, manufacturers, retailers, and investors via sustainable alternative commodities. Redefining how we think, what we value, and how we can grow a global Economic Democracy with a strong Eco-responsibility. Cooperative members trained with technical know-how, proprietary tools, equipment, and educational materials to ready them for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. committed to forging industry best practices, industry research, and policy and institutional changes at local, national, international levels—as well as designing new solutions to stimulate bio remediation, target algae-crisis issues, and supply durable environmentally sound housing infrastructures to meet the future population explosion. The time to become part of this sustainable agriculture industry is now—particularly with the predicted fast-growing hemp market, which goes far beyond cannabidiol (CBD) products. If you’re a farmer, a manufacturer, an environmentalist, or a retailer, help us change the world by joining the Florida Sustainable Agriculture Cooperative. You are the value behind this new industry, and we welcome your ideas and outlook. the CBD market is only a fraction of the hemp industry’s potential. Hemp—as well as kenaf and bamboo—regenerates the soil, pumps oxygen back into the environment, leads to cleaner water, ensures a healthier agricultural sector, and secures a socio-economic future for farmers pursuing a cash crop. Hemp stalks can be used for construction, manufacturing, fiber, carpeting, webbing, twine, rope, cosmetics, paint, car parts, boats, furniture, electronics—and as a nontoxic, renewable replacement for petrochemical plastics. Kenaf touts a super toughness, used in rope, twine, fabric, and paper but with a strengthening potential for use in concrete and construction.  Bamboo offers versatility, renewability, and strength—used for fiber, packaging material, construction (housing, bridges, roads), medicine, durable clothing, textiles, furnishings, and more. FSAC Inc. is a Florida-based cooperative that was founded in October 2018. The organization's founders, Linda Bell Harrell (with HSAC Inc.) and Anesia Jackson (with HCF Corp.), have dedicated their lives to the FSAC Inc. mission, purpose and annual goals. Both Ms. Harrell and Ms. Jackson have written, agreed to and formulated the FSAC Inc. Official Bylaws to be NON-COMPETITIVE and EQUAL in all business opportunities so every member can not only achieve and maintain a decent standard of living for all members of their household, but can gain wealth.Memberships: investors. sponsors, seed, farmland, farmers, equipment, technology, processors, manufacturers, construction, research and development, education, services, retailers. Values: Democracy, Self-help, Self-responsibility, Equity, Equality, Solidarity. Principles: Voluntary and Open Membership, Democratic Member Control, Member Economic Participation, Autonomy and Independence, Education, Training, and Information, Cooperation among Cooperatives, Concern for Community. Worker co-ops, Consumer co-ops, Purchasing co-ops, Hybrid co-ops.  Agriculture, Insurance, Financial services, credit union, Grocery,     Education, Healthcare, Housing, Utilities. Business ethics:  highest level of ethics and shall declare any conflict of interest, real or perceived, so that they can be a credible source of objective feedback and an articulate advocate of the project as needed, Members will carry out all activities in a manner that will maintain the good reputation of CooperationWorks! (or cooperative development profession) and its ability to serve the public interest, Members will ensure that the level of professional services they provide is competent and in keeping with the high level of standards set out by FSAC, Inc by continuing study of the profession’s developments and innovations, Members will maintain the spirit of fairness and help eradicate all forms of deception that violate that spirit, Members have the duty to keep in confidence the affairs of any client, colleague or organization and shall not disclose confidential information obtained in the course of professional activities, Members shall not, in any way, exploit information obtained in the course of duties to their own advantage, Members shall conduct their activities on a high ethical plane and in the spirit of cooperation so that others may emulate by example and thus raise the standards of conduct in cooperative development, Members will endeavor to continuously raise the standards of the profession by conducting and sharing research developments and methodology, Members shall treat all other members with respect and consideration due between professional colleagues, Members agree to abide by the principles laid out in the “Code of Ethics” and the Madison Principles and will comply to the bylaws, regulations, resolutions and rules.