Nowhere else will you find a more concentrated or experienced group of food industry leaders than within the membership of the Food Service Industry Council.

Our mission is simple – to facilitate robust interactions among a cross section of industry decision makers, (our members) who include business leaders, corporate service directors, facility managers, human resource managers, executive chefs, commercial services managers, bursars, academics, policy makers and those responsible for the wellbeing of people in the cost and profit industry sectors.

Member interaction is achieved through the exchange of news, views and opinion on issues such as, food service in the workplace, workplace change and its effects on facility management, strategic facility management, food nutrition, controlling obesity in the workforce, food as an enabler of increased productivity, food innovation, food safety & sustainability and food branding. Member interaction is achieved in two ways, both through national or regional in person briefings and industry dinners and through remote social networking across the FSI Council website.

Our headline event leaders for 2013 include, Professor Tim Benton, Global Food Security Champion, Sam Waterfall who specialises in Global Consumer Health Trends and Linda McAvan MEP who sits on the EU Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety.

The Council was established in 2009 through the merger of two industry associations bringing together the memberships, roles and staff and drawing domestic & international business development expertise into a single focal point and service delivery source for industry.

The Council HQ is strategically located at Gatwick Airport whilst the FSI Club is based in the City of London. The Council is industry led and membership based; and also acts as a first point of contact for the industry to access a plethora od industry expertise.