FSS stands for Future Sound Scientists and first appeared as a name for a recording studio back in 2006. The studio was based in Kaunas, Lithuania and has recorded several top hits and albums that already became classics and made an indelible mark in the history of Lithuanian electronic music history, like RyRalio DJs "Sultry Blue" or Golden Parazyth "Apartment Of Steel" and other.
In 2008 FSS started organizing local events from festival to cozy-type, working along with Pacha Vilnius, ZIP FM radio station, Pro-duce Records, Stripped Recordings, The Purr label and has curated agendas for several clubs and bars like Shtab, G-Loft, Chaos, Xata.
In 2012 FSS Recordings was first established. The studio and the office have moved to Vilnius.
In 2015 FSS Recordings releases the debut album ‘Destinations’ from Lithuanian artist Jazzyvile. The album was released digitally on Bandcamp and a CD of 500 copies which are available in Lithuania only. Album was nominated as Electronic Music Album Of The Year at National MAMA Music Awards. In the late of the year, FSS recordings signed a contract with Symphonic Distribution. Since then Future Sound Scientists concentrate on conceptual electronic music which is available in almost all digital music stores as well as music streaming platforms.
Future Sound Scientists.