FUTURAWIND INC. is an engineering firm that develops advanced and reliable technology for Large- and Ultra Large-Scale Wind Turbine Generator Systems ranging from 1.5 MW to 25 MW for both On- and Off-Shore wind energy markets.  All designs are available for licensing and technology transfer to companies desiring to become profitable wind turbine manufacturers in less than 12 months.


Protect the earth by eliminating fossil fuel dependency and providing energy security based on wind power and other renewables.


Develop advanced & reliable technology for wind turbine generator systems using advanced materials & design concepts, proven components & suppliers, sustainable manufacturing processes, and design for six sigma methodology for industry leading product reliability, and provide technology transfer and licensing services to wind turbine manufacturers.


The company was founded by Mr. Jody Ray Shadden, currently serving as President & CEO, after more than 22 years in the wind energy industry in key roles including Director of Engineering for GE Energy (Spain), Managing DIrector of Windforce GmbH (Germany), and Director of Strategic Initiatives (Six Sigma Black Belt) for Clipper Windpower (North America).


FUTURAWIND wind turbine licensing and technology transfer opens the opportunity to enter the global wind energy industry with a reliable product in less than 12 months as a successful wind turbine manufacturer.

Licensing FUTURAWIND wind turbine designs reduce your design-to-market schedule by up to 4 years and your engineering cost by up to $8 million (USD).

YOUR COMPANY can manufacture complete wind turbine generator systems, build turn-key wind power projects, sell standard components to other wind turbine manufacturers, or sell complete wind turbine systems to wind farm project developers.

Purchase a Wind Turbine Technology License from FUTURAWIND and YOUR COMPANY will receive a complete documentation package covering all aspects of the wind energy business and 100% dedicated on-site support during manufacturing start-up and initial business operations.

FUTURAWIND designs the best wind turbines in the world - reliable, low cost-of-energy, proven, advanced designs - and supports you during all phases of the technology transfer and start-up.

We are currently developing a portfolio of wind turbine designs and intellectual property for advanced concepts and processes that are well suited to all wind turbine markets.

Included with YOUR COMPANY's Wind Turbine License:

Component Drawings & Specifications
Bill of Materials (Parts List)
Factory Assembly & Test Procedures
Transportation & Logistics Procedures
Field Installation & Commissioning Procedures
Operations & Maintenance Manuals
ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System
Comprehensive Wind Energy Training Courses
Design & Engineering Product Warranty