Belly Dance with Faaria
is a belly dance studio in Buffalo, NY that offers a full range of classes in traditional, classic style belly dance.

Faaria is a professional belly dance soloist and is available for events, large and small.
Perfomances by Faaria are traditional classic style belly dance- energetic, elegant, beautiful and just plain fun!  Hiring Faaria really gets a party started and can be a wonderful surprise for your guests. All perfomances are G-rated and family friendly!  Her birthday and retirement party bellygrams are very popular in the Buffalo and WNY area.

Classes start with a beginner class for the absolute beginner and progress through advanced.  Classes are designed for pure enjoyment and a great workout for the body and mind!  Come learn this beautiful expressive dance form with Faaria.

Contact Faaria:

or friend me on MySpace or Facebook: www.myspace.com/faaria1

Faaria also works with Layali El Sharq Band. Layali El Sharq Band is a well-known and professional Middle Eastern band in Ontario with over 20 years' experience in live Arabic music. They are available for a wide range of events including weddings, family celebrations, corporate events, festivals, New Year's, Valentine's Day etc. For more info please click on the band's website link. WWW.LAYALIELSHARQ.COM

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Belly Dance with Faaria