Face to Face DIY started as a modest, family owned and operated home appliance service business, in a small southern California suburb. As technology has advanced so has the access to knowledge, and we soon found that a lot of our customers were attempting to repair their own appliances. The problem we encountered was many of our customers were performing repairs and replacing parts for things that were not broken. In an attempt to save money they ended up spending more. Online forums and videos are handy but they do not diagnose your specific problem with your specific appliance. Out of this dilemma Face to Face DIY was born, tested, and proven to save you money by helping you perform your own repairs. We are very excited about what the future holds for Face to Face DIY as we hope to expand into other service industries so that we can help the “do it yourselfers” save even more money.

Connect with us today through our Face to Face DIY App.  Weather you need to speak to a Pro Tech now or schedule a session for a future date, the FTFDIY App can accommodate you.  Not sure you can perform the repair?  Don't sweat it our Pro Techs will be with you through every step of your repair.  

The Challenging part of this start up is helping our customers understand that appliance repair is not Rocket Science.  Anyone who is willing can perform the repair as long as you have someone with the knowledge and experience to guide you through the diagnosis and repair process.  Visit our website today for detailed videos on how the App works.