Faith Christian Center is a non-denominational, multi-cultural Church, founded by Rev. and Mrs. George T. Frey, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, since June 9, 1996. The  church now has a second location in Morrisburg, Ontario, since April 16, 2006.

As a participating  branch of Jesus Christ’s Church on earth today, we share in Jesus’ Great Commission as expressed in The Gospel of Matthew, chapter 28, verses 18 thru 20. Therefore we are about the business of “turning new acquaintances into lasting friends in Christ.”

In addition to regular Church services and activities, Faith Christian Center also hosts an annual Pastors Conference, evangelistic crusades, Women's and Men's retreats, leadership seminars, and special community outreaches.

Rev. Frey travels and ministers throughout Canada and the United States, preaching, teaching in churches and Bible Schools, and conducting  seminars on various Christian matters.

Mrs. Frey, a certified cruise consultant and travel agent with Expedia CSC, conducts Christian Cruises and Tours to important Christian historical sites as well as leisure destinations.

Faith Christian Center also provides an online bookstore, Faith Life Bookstore, providing over 240,000 Christian Bibles, Books, Church supplies and other Christian products.  

Faith Christian Center continues to equip and prepare the people of God to do His work in this earth, as Ephesians 4:12 states from the New Living Bible: "...equipping God's people to do His work, and build up the church..."