Sustained success is never guaranteed, especially in this industry when the flavour of the month changes weekly. So, though the temptation to get that status car or move your office to a trendier location will vigorously pull at you when you’re enjoying success… the reason you’ll want to act on it could be the very reason you suffer a reversal of fortunes, that reason?  The 'Perception is Everything’ philosophy.

This is an ebb and flow industry.  There are lulls during which money won't be pouring in as abundantly, but you’ll still have overhead; staff, rent, utilities, accounting, communications, etc.  It's always the staff that gets cut first, we know, we’ve been there.  You moved to the bigger offices in the prestige building, but now it sits half empty as you struggle to make ends meet - this makes for bad optics, it certainly doesn’t scream ‘success!’

You don’t need the big offices, most key personnel work off-site anyways. Pretty much everything can be done virtually.  Virtual Assistance can give the impression of full production, finance, marketing, touring and legal departments, featuring seasoned, highly experienced people with very impressive resumes. We’re not employees, so there are no payroll taxes, employer contributions, group benefits, overtime or vacation days, and you can hire us per project or by the hour.

We have our own computers, internet connections, cell phones, accounting software, etc, we don't need yours.  We also have contract, rider, budgeting, and myriad production templates created from years of real world experience. We don’t have to spend time or money physically commuting, so we can afford to be hired out at a fraction of what you’d have to pay someone with our backgrounds to go work at your office.

The Fallout Girls are the perfect solution for indies, crew, labels, management, production companies, entrepreneurs, all the small businesses that feed the entertainment industrial machine, we speak the same language. There is no learning curve other than your preferences.

So before you think of expansion, before you consider hiring full-time staff, ask us how we can help you.  We’re fallout from corporate downsizing, we’re tried and true veterans of the entertainment industry and as such, have endured many optimistic expansions first hand.

We’ll have your back, we just may be wearing our pyjamas while we get the job done.

For more information about our growing list of services see www.falloutgirls.com

We look forward to working with you.