Our core belief is that all people want to have a good home life, and can accomplish that with the right tools.  Families come in many shapes and sizes, and our families change over time as we journey through life.

We offer family educational and coaching services to local families, couples, parents and organizations in the form of communication skills courses, marriage preparation classes, divorce processing, parenting classes, workshops, talks, and parent and relationship coaching.  We do not provide counseling or therapy.  We provide education, and will refer families to a licensed therapist when needed.  

Couples Communication, Divorce Processing, Marriage Preparation, Marriage Enrichment:
We teach pragmatic, nonjudgmental, fun and effective approaches to nurturing your relationships and yourself.  Life's transitions can be traversed a bit more easily with some training, preparation and support.    

Parents, single parents, step-parents, grandparents, foster parents:
We teach peaceful, fun and effective approaches to raising children with the philosophy that an educated parent is an empowered parent who is more likely to raise confident, responsible, self-motivated children.

In the near future our society may come to accept that the most beneficial thing parents can do is to walk into a course on making families work. That taking such a course will become as much a part of the our society's tradition as the baby shower or the Lamaze class. That the time will come when none of us would dream of having children and not also taking a parenting education class. That we will also know what to give them at the first baby shower. That along with prenatal and parenting classes, a couple will also sign up for a booster course on keeping love alive.