Data Backup + Recovery: Boomerang Recovery Solutions™    
Boomerang Image = Tape Alternative
This service is geared for a timely restore of a physical server in the event of a hardware failure. We backup up a “snapshot” of your server to a Fandotech managed storage device housed at your location.

Boomerang Offsite = Disaster Recovery
Our automated backup and recovery solution is fully managed. We backup all of your mission critical data to our data centers. Data is encrypted both on transit and in storage on our backup servers.

Boomerang Total Recall = Business Continuance
Provides critical application availability via VPS (Virtual Private Server). If a catastrophic event occurs, you can be live at our site while you rebuild your site. Fandotech will spin up your virtual server(s), minimizing your downtime and saving you money.

Cloud Delivered Services
RAIN™ Apps: Always available + Always secure.
RAIN™ Apps know no bounds! Companies requiring secure access to data anytime, anywhere, are turning to cloud-hosted, RAIN™-delivered applications. This Internet-based network management system solution keeps you and your team in the loop while on the go.

RAIN™ Infrastructure: Time for a technical refresh.
Refresh your IT and take a more strategic approach to your infrastructure delivery with a RAIN™ network management system solution. Stop buying assets. Outsource to the cloud! Computer network management, remote desktop sharing and automated data backup can be securely cloud delivered to increase productivity and efficiency.

RAIN™ Hosting: Communications strategy, refreshed.
Refresh the way you interact with your contacts through email and the world through your web presence. RAIN™ Hosting means you’re free to make connections, close deals, and tell your story anywhere, anytime.

RAIN™ Desktop: All your stuff at your fingertips!
Working on the go doesn't just require a mobile device and Internet access; you need your stuff! The documents, the databases, the applications, all of it! Leveraging a cloud-delivered network management system is the answer. RAIN™ Desktop is a fully functional Internet-accessed PC that includes critical productivity applications. Remote desktop sharing – redefined.

Managed Services
90IT: Could your IT department use a partner? Perfect for companies with an in-house IT team in need of specific managed services, resources and desktop support in MA and CT. Put us on retainer and use us as you see fit. No matter the size of your organization – leverage Fandotech, a premier managed service provider in New England, to facilitate your IT needs.

180IT: Reliable and flexible IT solutions at a predictable monthly rate. A departure from traditional network support, 180IT is a proactive approach to server and desktop support in MA and CT. Augment your current IT strategy with the most comprehensive managed IT service of CT and MA!

360IT: This managed IT service of CT and MA is perfect for the company that needs a fiscally prudent solution without sacrificing a robust IT infrastructure. A leading managed service provider in New England, Fandotech deploys desktop support in MA and CT both onsite and remotely.

360ITV: Take it to the cloud! Colocate individual apps or your whole office in our data centers. This managed IT service is CT based – ideally located between Boston, MA and New York, NY. As a leading managed service provider in New England our scalable cloud solutions securely deliver high availability.

Project Deployment
Network Architecture: Designed + delivered.
Whether you are looking to expand your current environment or optimize what is already in place, engage a senior IT consultant for plan development that will set you on the right path for success.

Virtualization Practice Specialty: Savings + more savings.
Save energy, time, capital and your bottom-line! Let’s work together to develop a strategic approach that will help you maximize your IT investments so the savings will keep rolling in.

IT Security Services: Two heads are better than one.
Fandotech’s Project Deployment team can help you develop a technology roadmap to bring our data center security best practices to your corporate environment.

Content Managed Web Design: Demand more from your site.
Whether you have an existing website in need of a refresh, or you’re ready to launch your first website, we have a staff of experienced experts that can deliver an effective website that gets results!

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuance
Catastrophic data loss can have many causes, but one thing is certain: the consequences to a business can be detrimental. Fandotech takes disaster recovery and business continuance seriously with virtual and physical managed server services in New England. All services are structured to provide 100% recovery in the shortest time possible. We’re always there when you need us the most!