Fantastic Books Publishing is a family-run independent publishing house with an underpinning of charitable giving.

Our leaders are Dan Grubb, CEO and Gabi Grubb, COO.

FBP will be 2 years old on the 5th April 2014.

We have published charity anthologies, full length thriller/crime fiction, how-to writer resources, short stories and cook books.

Our business rests upon our philanthropic principles and so everything we do donates 10% to a rolling carousel of charities both national and international.

Our new division 'Fantastic Books Audio' gives the same donation from everything it does too.

We also run paid entry charity competitions throughout the year which create anthologies which also offer the same donation. Our anthologies always feature professional authors to be featured alongside. Our current competition will be judged by Maureen Duffy who will also contribute a poem to the anthology.

Our aim is to change the public perception of the publishing industry by staying true to our core values of honesty, integrity and transparency.

Welcome to the future of publishing!

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