About Fantazzle Weekly Fantasy Games

Fantazzle is a fantasy sports game company dedicated to fantasy fans. We differ from traditional games by offering unique fantasy games that are played over a shorter duration giving our players a chance to draft a new team for every game they play. Our fantasy games are built to test our player's fantasy skills so that the most informed and dedicated fantasy fans will have the most success. Most games are weekly fantasy games, daily fantasy games or twice a week fantasy games.

Fantazzle is a US based company incorporated in Delaware created by fantasy fans FOR fantasy fans. Our unique concept has been in development for several years and after years of fine tuning, we are ready to challenge the way you play fantasy sports. We don't look to change the way you currently play fantasy sports, but we look to supplement the fantasy games that are available to you. At Fantazzle, you don't compete against thousands of other fantasy players online for cash and prizes. Instead play against league sizes of your choosing each week. Play as often as you like with no week to week commitment.

We are poised to create a true fantasy games community through our sports website. We want the players on our fantasy site to help us shape our games and contests. Through our unique fantasy games promotions we allow our community to voice their opinions on our games and other offerings. Our Leaderboard allows our top players to be recognized for their achievements. In addition, our Fantasy Sports Game Blog allow our players to have their say on the latest happenings and strategy in the world of fantasy sports.

If you have any questions and/or comments for Fantazzle, let us hear from you! Send us an email and help us shape the fantasy site for you, the fan!