What is FarmDaddy?

The FarmDaddy is a unique product designed to serve diversified gardening, farming and agricultural needs. The FarmDaddy is a low-cost, reliable, long-life, self-hydrating plant-growing unit, created to provide accelerated growth and improved productivity for organic food supplies or flower gardening projects. The FarmDaddy is perfect for small residential applications and can be easily expanded to meet commercial sized needs.

The FarmDaddy can double crop yields while using less water and fertilizer compared to conventional gardening. There is nothing similar in the market place. Other so-called self-watering box systems still need the user to physically add water to at a regular interval.

The FarmDaddy was created to be highly efficient and ecologically friendly. The FarmDaddy design allows more than 600 FarmDaddy units to be connected to a single water source (hose or rain barrels). The self-contained water-regulating unit in each box maintains optimal plant hydration 24/7 maximizing plant growth potential. The closed hydration system ensures there is minimal to no water lost to evaporation. The box unit prevents fertilizer run off into yards and lakes which has damaged or destroyed multitudes of waterways across North America over past decades of resource mismanagement The individual boxes can also be easily moved into a greenhouse or other cover to prevent crop loss caused by sudden weather changes.

The Advantages of FarmDaddy:

1: Self Hydration
One of the most ingenious features of the FarmDaddy is the simplicity of how the container garden is actually watered. The unit, attached to a common garden hose (or rain barrel) automatically self-regulates itself. For example, mature tomato plants need at least one gallon of water per day. (Tomatoes planted in a FarmDaddy can produce up to 60 tomatoes during a planting season.) Other plants may need much less. The garden receives just the right amount of water 24/7. This will be especially meaningful to people who are prone to over watering or under-watering or to those who spend a lot of time away from home and are not there to water their garden.

2: Flexibility
The FarmDaddy can be easily daisy chained (attached to other FarmDaddys) and connected to a single water source. This allows maximum potential whether you are an individual, a growing family or commercial grower. The individual boxes can also be easily moved into a greenhouse or other cover to prevent crop loss caused by sudden weather changes.

3: Health
The FarmDaddy is an easy way to promote a healthy lifestyle. Grow your own produce full of wonderful anti-oxidants that nourish your skin & body. Enjoy fresh organic produce direct from the garden to your table.

4: Economy/Ecology
The food produced with the FarmDaddy will save you time and money. You won’t pay the high prices for store bought organic produce, you won’t waste water as the FarmDaddy will only provide the water the plant needs, and you won’t waste time weeding. The FarmDaddy will pay for itself. In addition, the FarmDaddy prevents fertilizer run-off into lakes and streams, which is a big environmental concern. With the FarmDaddy, you are helping to preserve the environment and precious resources for future generations.

5: Efficiency
Most people do not enjoy the hard work involved in digging a garden and the continuous weeding and maintenance involved, people these days just don’t have the time. The innovative design of the FarmDaddy eliminates digging and weeding and daily hand watering, while still encouraging maximum plant growth. The self-contained unit also minimizes plant disease. You plant the fruits and vegetables, the FarmDaddy waters and you just walk out to the garden and enjoy the bounty. To sum it up, you eat fresh nutritional food, enjoy lower food costs with minimal labor.