FashMash, aims to fund their innovative online community marketplace for fashion lovers looking to discover lightly used, high-quality items to be traded or “swapped”. FashMash offers an easy and enjoyable fashion hub for those looking to acquire new pieces and gain the ability to leverage their existing closets for their on-going fashion enjoyment.

Founder and CEO, Amy Hanson, an avid fashionista who mixes high-end with low-end clothes like the best of them spotted the weakness within the fashion world. This is that clothing and accessories almost immediately lose their perceived value and are often lost or thrown away while they are still en vogue and of value. “That’s not sound investment logic, now is it? I can say my love of fashion borders on obsessive but it doesn’t need to be wasteful! So I started looking around, researching and brainstorming to come up with a seamless alternative. FashMash evolved from a fleeting hope for more shoes and evolved into a full-fledged business plan”.

FashMash features include:
- In-depth product descriptions including recommended fit and body/style type.  
- Complete transparency, you will be able to view all items and explore the site. Log-in will only be required when setting up an account or during the transaction process.
- Social media integration for added accountability and interaction.
- Seamless transaction system offering a clean swap.
- Integrated shipping for ease of use and increased peace of mind.
- Donations center to help reduce the fashion industry’s carbon footprint.
- User reviews.
- Security Hold feature should swappers be wary OR while swapping a highly valued item.

FashMash will have a singular focus and our team has reinvented the average e-commerce platform to accommodate these most exacting needs.

- The average American throws away 70 pounds of clothing a year which adds up to 3.8 billion pounds added to landfills every year. 
Our high level of consumerism does not have to be a problem. FashMash will offer two ways to extend the life of attire and accessories: through swapping and also through the integrated donation center.  
- Fashion has ever-evolving content. FashMash offers a way to keep you (and your closet) feeling fresh without the excessive price-tag.
- Most attire and accessories immediately lose their value, with the average woman spends $3,400 on clothing and attire a year (or $283 a month) much of that investment does not get fully played out. FashMash offers a way to leverage your past style to fund your new look.
- FashMash offers an outlet for those looking for an item for one-time use or instant gratification with little to no financial investment.
We view FashMash as an enhancement to the existing world of fashion, a needed shift in the fashion paradigm that will maximize your fashion investments while also reducing harmful waste to our beautiful planet. As a start-up we need your help to spread the word about this Kickstarter project so we can rapidly make FashMash a reality.

Kickstarter End Date: Thursday, December 18th
Projected FashMash Launch: Late March 2015
Kickstarter Link: http://kck.st/1zDNM0B
FashMash: www.fash-mash.com