FashionEdits is an interactive fashion industry networking service devoted solely to connecting retailers with vendors on a real time basis. We bring you the latest trends for each season, the hottest up-and-coming designers from the trade shows, and key industry insights from seasoned fashion vets.

With an emphasis on both established and emerging boutiques and designers, FashionEdits gives industry professionals the opportunity to make educated decisions that result in profit through linking retail outlets to a comprehensive directory of sought-after showrooms, trade show information, merchandising advice, fashion trends, eco-friendly styles, and industry news. FashionEdits is a retailers guide for what to stock their stores with. We give you instant accessibility to the tools you need be fashion-forward.

"One-stop access to fashion labels, showrooms and current trends streamlines the buying process," says Michelle Rowe, Director of Sales for Laura Merkin. "Sometimes, just locating where to find a brand can be daunting and saving time will save money," she explains. For more information and to access FashionEdits, be sure to register your store or showroom.