FashionTEQ, a fashion-forward, wearable technology company, is launching its line of “smart jewelry”: the” Zazzi” collection.

Today, most tech products are designed for men, imagine instead a world in which technology companies design products with respect to women, focusing on their needs.

FashionTEQ has design the first smart jewelry collection for women. “Zazzi” allows women to wear a high-tech device that will blend with their outfit and make them look fashion, addressing the issue of tech devices wearable only by men. Zazzi has been design to be discreet and non-distractive; it is subtle, allowing someone to just look at the device to receive the information.

By utilizing e-Paper and low energy Bluetooth technology, Zazzi keeps the user connected to its Smartphone all day by notifying of incoming texts, calls, emails, social media posts and more in a discreet and private display attached to a bracelet, pendant or ring. One great feature is that Zazzi would notify the user if the phone is being left behind, at home or anywhere else.

Zazzi is interchangeable and can be worn as a pendant, bracelet or cocktail ring.