Watch how the election

People always better to buy the watch, good for good in the picks. But how can the selection of a satisfactory quality of the watch? Usually, people only hear the sound travel time table machine the size of the watch to determine the quality level of good or bad, it is unscientific. Because quality watch good or bad, is to see the actual travel time accuracy. Table machine take the sound balanced, clear and no noise, not only show the table machine fault, and watch their quality can not explain, as a method of selection of watches. Must also select from the following points:

First, check the watch appearance parts

Watch from the shell exterior, table mirror, dial and hours of second hand so check. Trachoma and obvious case should be no scratches, angular symmetry; back cover and at the rotary joint on the shell should be tightly; two tables ring the same distance with the case, the installation should be in the ear hole Juan case the location of the rear foot center or favor, the appropriate depth of the hole, so easy to fall off the table ring; table mirror should be no defects and scratches, transparent light; three-pin is installed correctly, the needle with the needle, the table should exist between the mirror and dial the correct security clearance; dial and pointer coating finish is good, there is no scar, dial the full scale lines or luminous points; head with the case between the gap of about 0.1-0.3mm.

Second, check the sensitivity of the watch

The sensitivity of the watch's balance wheel is that it automatically swing flexibility. Inspection methods are:

1. Would not have been on winding watch has stopped moving gently shake, shake with the power to observe the second hand move: if the second hand stopped moving in a very short period of time, then only watch the full winding able to finish after all (ie, winding no torque), high sensitivity; if the second hand for a long time to move, then only watch on the full winding can not be completed all (ie, winding also stored torque), the sensitivity is not high or Table machine is faulty.

2. Would not have been on winding watch stopped walking and slowly turning his head to observe the second hand start: The rotation of the bar to less description of the second hand start the sooner the higher the sensitivity of the table; otherwise low sensitivity or Table machine has other faults. However, soon put the watch to note the stiffness of the springs larger than the traditional frequency (18,000 cycles / hour) on the table little more than winding confidential to swing. High sensitivity watch, on foot, after winding a long time continued walking.

Third, check the spacing and location of the pointer watch

Watch hand and table mirror, and between the dial should be between three-pin to maintain a certain distance, or have another machine grazing affect the normal operation of the table. Check the needle can be observed through the dial. Hour and minute hands of the location and interaction is normal way to check is: the minute hand and hour hand appropriated 3:00, 9:00, observe whether the two pins at right angles; appropriated for 6:00, two pins are not in a straight line; appropriated for 12 points, whether the coincidence of the two needles.

Fourth, check the watch section agencies

The normal watch section should be easy. Turn the head section, the first think loose, gradually more and more tightly on, when the rotating head can not continue to move forward, that spring has been completely filled and agencies working on the article. If you turn the handle the head bar, the place "Cha Cha“ abnormal noise, or produce such phenomena as the top gear skid, then a failure on the article body.

Fifth, check the watch dial needle body

Watch in the allocation of needles should be flexible, reliable and uniform rotation pointer. Inspection should be focused on checking points of friction with the wheel and the center axle tightness. In the allocation of the needle, if not partial loose or tight feeling, that the normal sub-wheel friction and fuel amount, and vice versa, dial needle faulty parts.