This book will become your best friend and guide to locating an incredible source of capital that is almost unknown in the US, but is quickly gaining in popularity because of the cautious nature of most banks today.

In all countries, in all parts of the world, banks have many competitors and private lenders have always been one of the oldest and most reliable solutions available.

Non-traditional financing is the wave of the future.  Banks are becoming more regulated (in the US, that is), and the options for finding fast capital if you need it to take advantage of opportunities, to solve a problem, to start or grow a business, or to just close a transaction quickly (often with days) are all but gone.

We have been in this business of providing loans for those with a time requirement for over 30 years.  See us at www.regattacapital1.com and you'll understand why this book could be exceptionally important to you.

Best regards, Barber's Chair Press, LLC.
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