Private Art Commissions and Celebrity Paintings

Charles Fazzino has received many private art commissions over the course of his thirty-year-plus career. Some of his most famous commissions have included works for the Mt. Fuji Museum in Japan, The William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library, NBC and the Today Show, The Sports Museum of America, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, The United States Tennis Foundation, The Presidential Council on Physical Fitness, and New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani's NYC 2000 Celebration.

Private Art Commissions for Collectors

While many of his commissioned art pieces are on public display and were created for high-profile collectors and organizations, some of Charles Fazzino's most distinctive and personally significant private art commissions have been created for his individual collectors. As a group, they have really tested his artistic range, requesting images on everything from the movie "It's a Wonderful Life," to The Rolling Stones, and more often than not, their own lives. Charles Fazzino has helped his collectors celebrate everything from birthdays to company anniversaries and even marriage proposals with his artwork. One collector asked Fazzino to paint the box in which he presented his fiance with her engagement ring. Another commissioned a painting celebrating the 50th anniversary of his father's company and yet another asked for a piece to document his family and all of the momentous occasions in his life. Private art commissions allow collectors to combine their most precious possessions, people and events with Fazzino's own unique, signature compositional style to create works that memorialize their lives and experiences.

Any authorized Fazzino art gallery can help you work with Charles Fazzino to create your own special private art commission. Email for the authorized art gallery near you and please visit our Corporate Art Commissions page to learn more about the work Fazzino has completed for some of the most prestigious corporations in the world.