If you could easily make cell phone to cell phone calls to and from anyone in the world in our network without roaming, long distance, connection charges, or per minute fees of any kind, would you want to know more?[

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Did you know that there is technology that will enable you to talk on your cell phone while flying in a commercial aircraft from coast to coast, without violating the "no cell phone" law, and at 0 cents per minute?

�If you could get FREE and UNLIMITED access to VIDEO CONFERENCES with or without a video phone, and for up to 23 people simultaneously, would you say YES?

Would you be interested to work with us, knowing you can hire sales people all over the world? except Sudan, Iran, Cuba and North Korea? This company is coming launched Internationally in 63 Countries August 15th and it's exploding right now!

If I can save you 50-95% on the cost of your telecommunications (cell phone, home and business phone, internet, videophone), with better features than you currently have, without changing your service, but just by applying new Proprietary technology, would you?

•FDI International Business is already in 62 Countries and opening new markets. We can open in any Country where they have GSM networks. We have the fastest growing Team Internationally and just recently added South Africa and Honduras!

•Using cutting edge technology, save up to 95% of the cost of Telecom today.
• No Credit Check
• No Taxes
• No Contracts
• Global Cellphone to Cellphone and other equipment
• 5.0 Megapixel Camera
• Video Mobile Phone Calls—See the person you are talking to on your Mobile Phone, LIVE!
• More Features than an iPhone, Blackberry, but you can continue using your Iphone and Smantphones
• Our Proprietary technology is an FDI exclusive!
• FDI International has the technology that will enable you to talk on your mobile phone while flying in a commercial aircraft from coast to coast, without violating the no cell phone
law, and at 0 cents per minute!

About FDI International: You can profit from all 7 categories of telecom with FDI.
Would you like to partner with a Debt Free Company with a 16 yr history of TeleCom products with over $1 Billion in sales and in 63 countries providing major contracts to large corporations. Like HSBC, Bank of America and others?

If you have been seeking:

A stable debt free established company with unique products everyone needs and uses?
A team of entrepreneurs who help you every step of the way?

A way to have fun even though you are building a business?
A business that you can be proud to share with your friends and family?

You have found that with FDI.

The compensation rewards everyone right away and for real go-getters it brings a realistic way to produce Several new Millionaireswith FDI through this Global Opportunity! Start your Global Business in Asia, Europe, Central and South America, Africa, etc.

The money that took years to make, will be done in months!

Please visit www.UnlimitedWirelessServices.info and www.MyGiconnection.com  for overview of the opportunity some of the videos may pertain only to USA and others to Global Members, call (904) 410-5432

www.giconnection.com to get an overview of the products
ww.giconn.net ( for telecom opportunity)
www.fdivideo.com ( for USA Reps only)
www.fdiglobalunlimited.com to find out more about FDI .
There are 100% Matching bonuses!
Quarterly bonuses that can exceed over $100k
Residual income in the five and six figures per month!
Go to the opportunity section in www.fdiglobalunlimited.com

Due to the incredible opportunity. We are looking for motivated people with a strong desire to change their financial ife while helping others do the same and help the community with savings in the everyday use of communications services using great quality  products and services

Our Team has also pledge to donate from our personal money to help local communities, the elderly, the sick, the abandoned children. You will be part of our team and our joint sucess will help us reach those goals. Not only will you benefit financially, but you know that through your efforts indirectly you will be helping communities around the Globe!

Imex International Team
FDI Independent CEO Marketing Director


Office (904) 410-5432

Where do you want to be in 5 years from now? We can help you reach your financial goals
Tell your friends about the savings and the opportunity of  Owning Your Own Telecom Gloabl Business