To offer customers the advantage of a "turnkey" service, FedTech offers the full gamut of fabricating services, such as:

Waterjet Cutting
Abrasive Waterjet Cutting
Laser Cutting
Material Selection
One-Source Parts Purchasing
Delivered On Time
Worldwide Service

FedTech's extensive Material Inventory and 45,000 sq ft facility gives us unparalleled waterjet & industrial laser cutting capacity. While the competition may be unable to provide all the required materials, we at FedTech know where to get them in all Thicknesses and how to run your job Efficiently and Inexpensively. We meet your needs from prototype to production.

All of this amounts to quick turnaround, quality parts, and a way for your company to save time and money with the right materials. As your partner in manufacturing, FedTech strives to find the right solutions, affordable processes, and the right timing for the broad range of markets and industries that we provide waterjet and industrial laser cutting services to.