Feed Louisville was founded in 2020 with the goal of meeting the daily basic human needs of Louisville’s houseless community while working to remove the barriers to permanent housing.

Feed Louisville’s street outreach team takes hot food, water, supplies and services directly to people living in encampments and on the streets daily around the City of Louisville, Ky. The organization’s team of chefs prepare thousands of meals a week to support the work of the outreach and housing navigation teams. A team of qualified care coordinators work one-on-one with folks during temporary hotel stays to assess their needs and help remove blocks to permanent housing. The organization partners with multiple agencies in the community to provide resources for the various challenges that can be both the cause of, and traumatic response to, homelessness.

Feed Louisville was founded at the beginning of the pandemic by Chef Rhona Kamar and Donny Greene, a seasoned outreach worker who has been working in solidarity with people experiencing homelessness in our community for years. The work started with a conversation and has grown into a network of chefs, restaurants, food companies, farmers, outreach workers, social workers and countless volunteers who work together daily to stop this humanitarian crisis happening in Louisville.