FeedPixel is a small team of developers, social media marketers, brand strategists, and content creators united to help users grow their social media accounts. Developing free tools like its new TikTok calculator, responding to hundreds of queries, and consulting emerging influencers, FeedPixel makes sure all social media users have equal chances of becoming influencers, and every business could extend its reach and awareness no matter its budget and size.

With its wide network of real social media users and smart delivery system, FeedPixel is able to provide non-drop likes, and best quality views, and followers for personal and business accounts on Instagram, TikTok, and 7 other social media platforms.

Known for its customer-first approach, FeedPixel constantly updates a website and system to keep up with the standards. Now, besides English, its services are available in Spanish, French, German, Arabic, and Portuguese. All pages of the website, including free services and calculators, will automatically adjust to the browser language of a website visitor.

To learn more about FeedPixel services and free influencer tools visit the company's website at https://feedpixel.com/