Byborg Enterprises SA, an industry leader in premium online entertainment, has
just inked a joint venture contract with FeelGroup, a multi-faceted conglomerate in
the sexual lifestyle sector.
This new partnership emphasizes Byborg's belief in the powerful synergy of
entertainment and innovative technology that FeelGroup specializes in.

FeelGroup, consisting of FeelRobotics (www.feelme.com), Kiiroo (www.kiiroo.com),
Sirius Media, and Virtual PC Services (www.islive.nl), offers an unparalleled fusion
of scalable SaaS technologies and inventive tech devices.
The group's groundbreaking use of haptic technology has connected people and
devices worldwide, redefining human interactions and transforming 3D digital
relationships using state-of-the-art AI.
Byborg's investment highlights the value and importance of FeelGroup's range of
products, interactive technology, and new AI-driven products.
Toon Timmermans, CEO of FeelGroup, proudly stated, “At FeelGroup, we have
always believed that premium online entertainment goes hand in hand with
innovative tech devices, so it's very rewarding to have our technology and AI
acknowledged by Byborg Enterprises SA, the leading company in this sector. Their
commitment as shareholders signals an endorsement of our mission to enhance
online entertainment experiences with our cutting-edge technology.”
David van Brakel, Head of Strategy, FeelGroup, added: “We are proud and
excited to work with Byborg Enterprises SA, executing and optimizing the synergy
between two leaders in the industry - Byborg in premium online entertainment and
FeelGroup in online interactivity and AI. Interactive sex toys fill a gap in the
market, offering technology, remote intimacy, customization, and promoting open

The strategic partnership between Byborg Enterprises and FeelGroup is poised to
fast-track FeelGroup's growth and solidify its industry-leading status.
When asked about their new joint venture, Károly Papp, Co-Founder of Byborg
Enterprises SA, said, “We are thrilled to collaborate with FeelGroup and enhance
the potent synergy that exists between us, two industry frontrunners. By merging
our expertise in premium online entertainment and FeelGroup's mastery in online
interactivity and AI, we can serve a unique market need and provide advanced
technology to foster remote intimacy.”
Both companies anticipate significant growth by aligning their market visions and
merging FeelGroup's technological expertise with Byborg's deep industry
Together, they will drive unparalleled online experiences, setting the standard for
the future of the online entertainment industry.
About Byborg Enterprises SA
Byborg Enterprises SA is a premium online entertainment company that is
redefining the future of human interaction and reshaping digital relationships
through innovative technology. Our company was founded with a global mindset,
aimed at reaching every corner of the world. With over 40 million monthly users of
our streaming and technology products, we enable people to interact with each
other 24/7.
About FeelGroup
Amsterdam-based FeelGroup was founded in 2013, and comprises of FeelRobotics,
Kiiroo, Sirius Media and Virtual PC Services, all of which are award-winning
companies with more than 30 prestigious awards in their respective fields. In 2018,
FeelGroup was a finalist in the Tech5’s Fastest Growing Start-Ups in the
Netherlands and has continued to grow since. The Group has a unique combination
of scalable SaaS technologies (B2B and B2C) and innovative tech devices within the
sexual wellness and lifestyle market - making it possible to connect people and
devices at anytime from anywhere in the world using haptic technology. FeelGroup
are defining the future of human interactions and reshaping 3D digital
relationships, using the latest state of the art AI technologies.