The preparations have begun, a new year is on the way where each and every one of us will have to put in the maximum energy to make this the best year of our lives, and every year after that!
All agencies and promoters are hard at work, new ideas are on the rise, new concepts, initiatives, everyone is pumped and ready to reach out to the rest of the world, for the quest to be the best.
Some people will fail along the way, the rest of us will reach our goal, We are certain that Feel the8 will meet the highest goal because we are are going beyond where others havent been willing to go before.
The8 stands for Evolution, Regeneration. The 8thTarot card which stands for " strength" represented by the Lion (King of the jungle) symbolizing the power of realization, instinctiveness or Kundalini which is controlled by the (soul) of woman, of softness and love, creating the ultimate plan, coming from our innermost energies. The 8 has many different meanings, and the most powerful of all numbers. but we´ll stick to the meaning of Strength that is dominated by the Woman, Feel the8, a unique, and exclusive concept of artist and event management created by women.

-Dj Booking & Touring
-Artist Development
-Logistic Event  Coordination & Production
-Feel the8 Record Label
-Superwomen Brand Party

Cari Rojas