Software development if done the traditional way results in about 65% percent of the projects not meeting the stated objectives. Such a high rate of failure has been attributed to - lack of expert resources, changing requirements and the inability of the application development team to match the business expectations. These challenges have been around for decades.

From the beginning of IT development, application development has been expensive and time consuming for businesses whose core function is not IT. Building software requires highly skilled programmers, architects and QA resources in a team which in turn constitutes an IT department. The IT department is seen as a cost centre that consumes company resources without generating any revenues!

The technology and business landscapes keep changing. Delays in delivering applications can render the initial requirements outdated and can necessitate a change in technology or design even before going live! IT teams can get caught up in such a vicious cycle.

Prolonged and expensive development and maintenance release cycles dissuade several businesses and cause them to miss out on the technological advancements and fail to reap the benefits of adopting the trends in technology.

FeldsparTech aims to solve this problem of complex software development processes accompanied with delays and overruns.

FeldsparTech has built an Application Development Platform called Atman. Atman allows users to combine predefined, pretested and production ready components to create business applications. Creating applications on Atman requires little or no coding or design skills. This keeps the effort and cost of development to just a fraction of traditional custom application development. We have been able to provide our customers cost savings of more than 50% and time savings of up to 70% using our platform.

The platform automatically understands the database/data structure based on user requirements and manages all the design factors behind the scenes. This allows the user to focus on configuring the screens and features using an intuitive online interface.

The predefined features and components have been tested thoroughly. Users do not have to create tests other than to validate the business functions. Atman can be readily consumed as a standalone application, REST API based microservices or as a software service hosted on public, private on-prem cloud.

A simple application can be built within a few hours.

Uniqueness of FeldsparTech platform:

-Quick prototyping & application development realizes value for business extremely fast using a WYSIWYG online editor.
-No technical knowledge is required to build applications.
-Database design is automatically inferred based on the screens configured by the user.
-Easy to change application features with configurations.
-Application is built on the web but is responsive on different devices.
-Multi-stage application development to suit any application development cycle eg: development, staging, production etc.
-Ability to build and test the application as you build it with no external version control or deployment software requirements.
-No code is generated so upgrades of the platform do not affect the running application and the application is guaranteed to be compatible with the updates.
-Backend services can be securely consumed using REST apis that automatically become exposed as the application is developed.

We help organizations that are struggling to get ‘quality software’ within time and budget.

- Single business owners who are hesitant to outsource can use our platform to build on their own as there is no coding required.
- Small organizations with limited IT resources to build anything new can augment their teams with our platform to deliver more solutions in a quick time frame.
- Big organizations that are constantly suffering from high rate of attrition and project delays can use our platform to achieve resource independence and increase in productivity prebuilt, pretested components.