Fiberwave Technologies specializes in engineering, deploying, and managing high-speed bandwidth to multi-family and mixed-use properties.  Our team has more than 40 years of combined experience engineering networks for single-family homes, MDUs, hotels, and commercial/retail environments ranging from hundreds to thousands of end users and devices.

By 2022, online video streaming will make up 82% of all internet traffic.  Nearly 70% of residents will not renew a lease if they are dissatisfied with the internet services (this statistic was calculated pre-Covid, pushing working from home to an all time high).  Because of the ever-increasing demand for faster, more reliable internet, our networks are engineered and built to give users a streaming experience without interruptions.  Our 1G speeds mean the internet service at your apartments will meet the demands of even your most tech savvy tenants.

Developers that partner with Fiberave can generate significant ancillary revenue by providing our services to your residents.  In most circumstances, properties see upwards of $40-50/door/month in recurring monthly revenue. A 200-unit complex will generate upwards for $10,000 a month reselling high speed bandwidth to residents. This increase in profitability equates to a $3 million increase in value.

True 1G speeds to every unit
24/7 network and customer support
Significant RMR (recurring monthly revenue) opportunity

Don’t let internet issues affect your occupancy, retention, rent pricing or reviews. Let us take the headache out of network design and management. We handle every step of the process from procuring bandwidth to designing the best system for your property’s needs and ensuring client connectivity and satisfaction.