About Numina-RapidCare
Machine learning and AI are rapidly changing the delivery and administration of healthcare services. Numina-RapidCare’s parent company RapidCare Group (www.rapidcare.ai), located in Chennai, with U.S. corporate headquarters in San Francisco and regional offices in Connecticut and Florida, has been on the forefront of SaaS and cloud-based HIM services for over two decades.

Founded in 1999 as Numina Medical Transcription (numinatrans.com), an MTSO, the company soon grew to serve other BPO verticals, including RCM-Medical Billing (numinamedicalbilling.com); Medical Records Review and Workers Compensation Claims Processing Support for IME’s and attorneys (numinamedlegal.com); Remote Video and Traffic Surveillance (rapidcare.ai); and more. In 2020, RapidCare launched SortVault, a transformative AI-fueled cloud-based platform for intelligent medical records sorting and advanced analytics.