Fieldscale develops special simulation tools that automate the most demanding parts of your product design process.
Behind its Application-optimized Interface lie powerful, cutting-edge algorithms that give you accurate results 10X faster than you’d expect.



Charge is a state-of-the-art tool for electric field analysis, detecting dielectric breakdowns and partial discharges for High Voltage applications such as:

•     Insulators, bushings    
•     Surge arresters    
•     Lightning Protection    
•     Shielding        
•     Switchgear
•     Cables
•     Components
•     Bus Bars

You can use its practical CAD environment or import your own models (.STEP, .IGES, .ACIS files etc.).
Meshing tiny details becomes effortless, thanks to the advantages of the Boundary Element Method and the automatic meshing feature. The solving engine utilizes a range of best-in-class parallelization processing techniques, resulting in unbeatable performance.

Fieldscale Charge is cutting-edge simulation software enabling electrostatic simulation of today’s complex products resulting in optimal details, in just minutes.


Sense is the first design and analysis tool, exclusively for touchscreens.

Designing the optimal touchscreen was never simpler. Sense consists of five distinct modules, each optimized to help deliver high quality touchscreens faster than any other tool today.

Select controller
Forget huge datasheet and drawn out methodologies. Check the compatibility of your design with any controller, right away!
Select geometry
Set up the 3D geometry of your touchscreen in a few clicks. Select from a wide range of ready-to-use patterns and materials.
Automate parametric analysis
Run hundreds of simulations for different finger positions all at once. Our robust algorithms guarantee results with maximum accuracy.
Solve using the Cloud
Unlimited computational power lies behind the Solve button. You don’t have to spend time setting it up, you just click, and Sense will take care of the rest.
Get your answers
Say goodbye to the tons of unprocessed data. Sense automatically creates a capacitance map and interactive plots to help you make the best design decisions.

Based on the solid foundation of the Boundary Element Method and enhanced by the most highly parallelized Fast Multipole Method algorithm in the world, Sense ensures the best accuracy in the shortest time possible.