Fieldskills was set up by Simon, Christine and Dom after many years planning, running and leading expeditions together. Our camp fire conversations often came back to the topic of starting our own business and seemed to always revolve around the same key themes:

   * That outdoor activities, fieldwork and overseas expeditions are powerful, life changing experiences and people should be supported in doing them
   * That small scale conservation projects work when they are well planned and supported
   * That there was a lack of down to earth training and support out for people wanting to develop safe and successful ventures
   * That (perhaps in some small way) we were in a great position to help

So Fieldskills was born. We have come a long way from those camp fire chats.

We have a permanent office out in Borneo and one in the UK. We work with a wide variety of clients from UK businesses looking for fun, enjoyable first aid training, Universities supporting safe fieldwork overseas, holiday companies looking for something a bit different and TV crews looking to get into tricky spots.

The thing which still holds it all together is that we are passionate about what we do and enthusiastic enough about it to talk your hind leg off!