FightPandemics is a community of volunteers, local groups, researchers, philanthropists, investors, makers, creators, official institutions, and companies who are on a mission to fight COVID-19 and any future pandemic.

We are creating an altruistic meta-platform that brings people and organizations together so that they can finally find the resources and services they need as soon as they need it. FightPandemics links those who need help with those who can provide it.

In order to connect the two sides of the platform, we utilize a feed. Organizations or individuals will be able to post localized offers and request help with an expiration time to have relevant content at all times. Moreover, users will be able to filter the feed by location (city, state, country, world), by "poster" (individual, traditional company, etc.) and by type of help (groceries/food, medical supplies, education, legal, wellbeing/mental, entertainment, information, funding, R&D, tech and others).

Our platform will go LIVE containing +2,000 organizations, projects and initiatives that are tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. We have initially crowdsourced these initiatives and manually tagged them for the short-term bootstrapping period. However, to create a sustainable solution we want to cooperate with all the creators, initiatives, communities and governments.