Our mission is to end world hunger by creating competitions designed to:

   (1) Strengthen Communities - We promote the idea of sharing food and art at every gathering. Ending world hunger requires that we learn to support each other’s needs. Art creates a space for us to empathize and understand each other’s needs. Competition between communities encourages community interdependence.

   (2) Encourage Social Responsibility - We believe that world hunger is an issue so complex that it touches everybody and therefore requires a fight from everyone. Sharing information about food insecurity and creative ways to join the fight encourages individuals to move into action.

   (3) Promote Food Justice - We work to create a national and global awareness of hunger and support efforts dedicated to ending world hunger. Together we can use our knowledge and experience to fight hunger as one.

Communities We Serve:

   We are a nonpartisan, unaffiliated grassroots organization dedicated to serving the hungry and malnourished. Our work is all-inclusive and our community has grown based on the collaboration of many communities including musicians, artists, volunteers, business owners, churches, schools, and food banks. Together we have established the basis of our current models. We look forward to sharing and utilizing the work of others in the future.