You Can Fight Foreclosure
Is It True? Can You Stop Home Foreclosure?
Your Legal Rights Are Being Challenged By Greedy, Deceitful Lenders and Their Attorneys!
Axis Financial Consultants Developed Their website "www.how2fightforeclosure.com   to genuinely help you, the homeowner….TAKE Control of your situation!
Stop Pacing the Floor, Pulling Your Hair Out, Staying Awake at Night, Yelling at the Dog or your Spouse or Children (for no reason other than they were unfortunately near you!) Due to the Frustration and Stress Caused by what may be an Illegal Action!
Our Main Goal is that we will help you join the fight of many, many others who have been victimized by the insensitive, aggressive and unlawful practices of members of the lending community, their attorneys and shamefully, with what appears to be the endorsement of members of the state court judiciary, all in the name of denying you:
Your lawful and statutory protections of home ownership and due process of law!!!

You Really have to understand my position on this subject and why I am so passionate about providing Foreclosure Help…. You see…I have been in this Illegal Foreclosure Situation as well, trying to negotiate my mortgage with the WRONG Company,  Getting  Served with a Foreclosure Filing from a Bank Who Did Not Own My Mortgage, Missing Note etc. all of  which motivated me to launch this forum for homeowners seeking answers, just like I was not that long ago!
Here Were My Questions…. Probably Yours As Well:

   * How can I  Avoid foreclosure

   * Is There really Foreclosure Assistance

   * Where can I Find Foreclosure Help

   * What are the Steps  For Foreclosure Prevention

   * Is there Really such a thing as Foreclosure Stopping?

   * Where Do I Get Help to Stop My Foreclosure?

   * Do I have any Legal Rights?

   * More Importantly, WHO CAN I TRUST?

Sound Familiar? My Promise to you is that We Will:

     Recommend to You, Solid “How To”  and Self Help Publications
     Provide The Best Forensic Loan Audits to Aid In Your Defense
     Refer you to an Attorney who “Gets It” When You Need One
     Loan Modification Self Help Techniques, Don’t Pay For What You Can Do…

The Foreclosure Rate in the United States is beyond Comprehension…

And has become a Main Subject In The News, unfortunately, the news (in general) is not telling you the entire truth about Homeowners Legal Rights, the fraud that is being committed across this country, how many modification companies are a front for the Lenders who want to Steal Your Money and Your Home They Don’t tell you How Mortgages have Been Securitized Creating Conflicts of “Who Really Owns Your Mortgage” …..Just to name A few Subjects Your Will See On Our Blog
It’s time to stop these illegal foreclosures once and for all!

All of this was caused through Corporate and (Frankly Governmental) greed with No oversight. We know the general cause, Now it’s time for you to gain an advantage, through knowledge, to  hopefully either save your home and not let the bank foreclosure destroy your life!, OR for you to possibly get money back from the BROKEN LAWS that probably happened when you initially signed your mortgage documents.
“This site is not intended to give legal or tax advice”
We intend to bring these foreclosure and predatory mortgage practices and abuses to the surface for everyone to see. In doing so, we hope to enable more homeowners, Just Like You, to Defend Your Legal Rights to Stop Home Foreclosure,
You will Get The foreclosure Assistance You Need to Save  Your Home or at least, get all of Your remaining equity before the property is taken back unlawfully.
You DO  Have options for  Foreclosure Prevention and to Stop Home Foreclosures and How to Possibly keep your home and Fight Foreclosure. Please share your story, and together, let’s help America get better One Homeowner at a Time!