FileBank Inc. is a family and veteran-owned small business providing enterprise content management services for the education, government, healthcare, insurance, and non-profit sectors. Our bespoke approach attracts well-known organizations like Doctors without Borders, the New York City Ballet, and the Muppets, as well as over 300 schools and municipalities, such as the Newark School District. As well as help central and local government-entities store and protect their valuable collateral. At FileBank, Inc., we know information is a significant component of an organization, and a large part of the competitive strategy. Since 1987 it has been our mission to help clients maintain the highest level of security of their physical and digital records. At the heart, we are a company committed to delivering solutions that offer exceptional services to address industry-specific issues with both innovation and leading-edge technology. Customer driven, our world-class Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions are remarkably adaptive at both the departmental and enterprise levels.
Through a robust technology platform, 18 separate services from scanning to archiving to secure shredding, and a 600,000 cubic foot secure archive center known as "the Vault," FileBank has the capacity and domain expertise to help you "Save What Matters™."
Unlike large corporate competitors, FileBank offers customized support and a hands-on team that has provided enterprise content management services to more than 600 clients in one of the most competitive markets in the U.S.