Victoria Woods, her clients call her, a.k.a. The Financial Diva, is Founder/Chief Investment Advisor at ChappelWood Financial Services, a nationally diversified Independent Investment Advisory firm located in the heart of the Financial District of Oklahoma, in Edmond. As Chief Investment Advisor, her clients look to her to manage their investments with business, legal and insurance concierge services. She organizes, secures and simplifies the financial part of her clients’ life.

Ms. Woods is an independent investment advisory representative, specializing as a fee-based investment/financial advisor in a consultant capacity to both high net worth and mid-level investors. The mid-level investors are serviced through a strategic partnership with Genworth Financial, Stamford, Ct.

Ms. Woods specializes in all levels of sophisticated management for the individual and corporate investor. The firm has grown steadily and substantially under Victoria’s leadership.

For more than five years, Victoria Woods hosted her highly successful Oklahoma-based weekly radio show entitled, It’s All About The $Money, Honey! ™, which brought wit, charm and fun to the topic of personal finance. Now, she brings this wealth of information to her recently published book of the same name, It’s All About The $Money, Honey!

In it she shares real life experience as well as stories from her clients and radio listeners. The lessons in her book teach how to create and manage wealth. You’ll learn how debt is working against you and how to find the right financial advisor for your needs. In addition to actually providing the questions to ask a prospective financial advisor, she takes it one step further by providing you with the right answers to listen for.
She covers the success and even the missteps that some of you make during your financial life. This book is for those wanting to create wealth by walking with someone who has been through the minefields and made it to the other side with her integrity intact.

For additional information and to order her book, please go to www.TheFinancialDiva.com or www.ChappelWood.com, and www.Amazon.com .