Data Driven B2B Marketing Automation
----Honest Joy is the data expert helping B2B clients to grow business


Find customers

Find potential customers based       on product name,company     name HS code.Contact emails     of related person can also be  obtained automatically from our     database.

Find Contact & Email

Manually  interact with strong     AI  search engines from 175 regional       search engines and 220 social media     to identify target customers. All       of the contact details of its
    decision makers e.g CEO, VP, Owner,     Buyer, Procurement Manager etc.can     further be collected by only one click.

Email Marketing

24 hours email marketing with       excellent templates ,dynamic IP       resources,target time zone auto     email sending , Graphic analysis       report of email campaign on sent,
success,failure,browsed,read, IP/terminal of target clients etc.

Bill of lading

Billions bill of lading records  from  30 countries is upgraded monthly       and shows very detail and useful information on the trading record  with importer/buyer, product name, price etc. Customized search are also available.