Findgamingbuddies.com is a place we hope will help a lot of online gamers out there to find good, genuine gaming partners without the trolls.

During online play, gamers have to deal with a lot of poor team play, abuse from poor losers and generally immature behaviour from other online players. It's a big problem in gaming, no matter which platform or game people play - and finding good players online is a random process that mainly relies on luck.

A bit about us: we're three gamers who wanted to avoid all of these issues and find a simple, reliable way to find good, genuine people to game with. We couldn't find anything that really offered what we were looking for - so we started one ourselves.

The idea is very simple: players create a free profile on the findgamingbuddies site that helps other players find them. They list the games they're currently playing, age range, country, and even level of expertise so that people can find the right kind of gaming partner. Once they've found a match, they can message securely via the site and arrange to play.
What makes findgamingbuddies unique is that players can leave ratings and reviews of other players they've gamed with, so people know more about the person they're choosing to play with.

Members are free to search and contact whoever they like, as often as they like.  The rating system means that members can make an informed choice on who to contact and who to game with.

If someone has a lot of negative feedback, other people will naturally avoid agreeing to play with them - and of course the opposite is true as well! That way, good players naturally get more interest and poor players are penalised.

The service is also over 18 only - we are a responsible site that chose not to abet access to 18-rated content by younger players.  We're also a free site with no outside funding or affiliation to any gaming companies.