The combined experience of our writers and referral experts exceeds 20 years in the transportation industry. Our positions include agents, national accts, technology, sales management, TL, LTL, and a wide array of others. We can honestly say there are not many situations that arise in freight we have not encountered over the years. FREIGHT SHIPPING IS NOT A HOBBY. We will educate you and save you money. Everything you learn here will protect you and your bank account. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!

We have developed this site for the purpose of having a central location where companies and consumers can go to locate a freight center or freight logistics company for their shipping needs. With there being numerous 3PL’s and shipping companies to choose from, the decision was made to make it easier to find the company which best fits specific shipping needs. ALL SHIPPING COMPANIES ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL!

Whether you are a one time, occasional or shipping every day, there will be information here to help you make the right decision and possibly save you thousands of dollars. Have you ever done a search on the internet for “freight shipping companies”, and the results were across the board? The results included everything from carriers, 3rd party logistics companies, brokers, complaints, reviews, BBB rankings, and everything else under the sun.

Now in one location you can learn about shipping freight through 3rd party companies opposed to shipping directly with the freight carrier. Many people do not even know the difference, Do you? Do you know why you can save money shipping with a freight center or logistics company instead of going through the carrier directly?