Finly is a machine learning powered Finance Management & Governance Suite for businesses to automate, gain visibility & control accounts payable. The platform comprises of a scalable & intelligent Expense Management &  E-Procurement System coupled with a real-time budgeting platform.

The connected ecosystem of applications automatically feeds back information into Finly, allowing companies to capture booking and spend information really easily.

The robust policy framework governs all business spend and can be configured as per the Corporates requirement.  

The Integrated Payment & Banking Technology allows Finly’s Expense Management to automate the process of capturing & reconciling business spend. Further, the seamless integration with all accounting systems removes all possibility of data entry.

The platform further allows various stakeholders to communicate and collaborate while providing real-time visibility to the finance team. Finly keeps all business systems, primarily the accounting system updated with the business spend in real-time.

FinlyFinance suite comprises of various modules for automating petty cash expenses, travel claims, expense management, vendor-related payments, budgeting insights & analytics.