Fire Safety Directors is a NY State licensed school that prepares personnel to become certified as Fire Safety Directors and Emergency Action Plan Directors. Fire Safety Directors are required to obtain a Certificate of Fitness from the New York Fire Department. To obtain a Certificate of Fitness from the FDNY the FSD must pass three tests with a grade of at least 70%. The FSD must be 18 years or older, have two valid forms of identification, must have five years of applicable experience in fire safety, and must pass a certified fire safety director course. Office buildings typically certify their security guards and key office personnel (managers).
In New York City, class E office buildings and class J-1 hotels require a certified fire safety director. The Fire Safety Director is responsible for implementing the Fire Safety Plan. The FSD’s responsibilities include:

  - Notifies building occupants of fires
  - Helps evacuate the building in an emergency
  - Laisons with the fire department during fire safety operations
  - Maintains the Fire Safety Plan
  - Supervises floor wardens
  - Conducts fire safety drills