Online scams are on the rise! Fireball Approves was launched on August 1, 2017 to research the necessary information needed to help decrease the number of victims who fall prey to online scams. The potential buyer of a car, truck, commercial vehicle, motorcycle, boat or RV can get verification of the seller’s name, address, phone, email and vehicle serial number. Renters of short/long-term vacation homes can get confirmation of ownership, a phone number and an email address within 48 hours. No personal information is needed from the customer besides their name and a way to return the confirmation. The cost for this service is affordable and includes a money-back guarantee. Payments are serviced through PayPal.

Fireball Approves also offers an approval process that gives property owners a confirmation tool to use in their advertising or property listing so they can gain the confidence of the renter.

For a limited time, Fireball Approves is offering all of its services for FREE!

Fireball Approves is now offering business verifications as well to assure that contractors are bonded, licensed and insured.

To learn more about Fireball Approves and their services go to www.fireballapproves.com or call the Media Contact listed above.

About Fireball Approves:
Fireball Approves is a privately-owned company based in Jacksonville, FL. offering their services across the country. The company consists of professional associates trained to verify the identity of property and vehicle owners to ensure buyers of cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, boats and RVs, business verifications,  as well as renters of short and long-term vacation home rentals don’t get scammed.  Property and business owners can also be approved through a verification process to advertise they are Fireball Approved.