About Us

Firestorm Solutions is a recognized leader in business continuity, vulnerability analysis, risk mitigation and crisis management. Staffed by attorneys, engineers, physicians, law enforcement professionals, psychologists and many other talented individuals, we work directly with our Expert Council on behalf of our clients. Firestorm maintains a network of offices in California, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Washington DC, Virginia, and Wisconsin to be responsive and accessible to our international roster of clients.  

It is the breadth and depth of our human capital that distinguishes Firestorm from other consulting firms.

Firestorm has years of public company and senior management experience in operations, finance, counter-terrorism, investor relations, risk management, insurance, reinsurance, human resources, environmental issues, regulatory management, preparedness, pollution prevention, national standards development, corporate communications, e-commerce, distribution, education, training, engineering, technology, manufacturing and legal affairs.

Clients choose Firestorm for our unwavering commitment to their preparedness and the straightforward manner in which we collaborate with them. We don't tell you how to do things; we show you how. At Firestorm, we are Preaction Advocates; practical, credible and approachable.  Our solutions are comprehensive and actionable.  When disaster strikes, our clients are prepared to prevail over the competition to maintain customer services, corporate value and reputation.

Expert Council
The Firestorm Expert Council™ is an advisory group made up of specialists from various disciplines, professions and industries. The Expert Council is designed to bring subject matter knowledge and expertise to Firestorm and its clients. The members of the Expert Council lend credibility and skills to the work which Firestorm performs, both through their direct involvement and the weight of their reputations.

Firestorm's team of experts, each providing an independent perspective, will produce faster, more accurate results. Firestorm's methodology and Council members generate unique insights and assist our clients in developing the best solutions to their complex problems.

The Expert Council also has an integral role in Firestorm's Trusted Advisor's™ program. Through its strategic relationships with major law firms, professional services companies, consultants, educational foundations and associations, Firestorm holds seminars, workshops, presentations, training sessions and other forums to promote a culture of preparedness. Expert Council members, selected on the basis of expertise, routinely appear with Firestorm principals and experts on topics related to continuity planning and disaster preparedness.