Since 2008, Fishiding .com has spearheaded a movement towards utilizing the long term benefits of artificial PVC habitat structures over conventional woody debris. Models consisting of fine, dense pvc strands to protect small fry, transitioning into mid depth units with dense and open coverage.
Specializing in fish reproduction, Fishiding leads the industry in fish protection and growth increase, while utilizing post consumer plastic products safe for the environment. These materials destined for landfills are washed, cut into various forms/shapes and adhered into a self righting container. No tools or supplies needed to install any/all models, simply bend to shape and toss in water.
The only company on the market catering to the fish first, then the fisherman, the snag free habitat doubles and triples the amount of surface area of the competitors models, with units boasting hundreds of square feet of important inert substrate to grow food in the form of periphyton and al;gae. Fishiding habitat products are hand made in the USA, with no two units ever being exactly the same as plants are in nature. No chemicals, heat, or recycling processes used, Fishiding takes pride in the fact that no more plastics are being produced or carbon footprint is being left throughout production. Taking everyday post consumer PVC/plastic goods in their original form, repurposing them to create safe and multi-faceted artificial fish habitat.  
Taller models with self righting Vertical UpriseTM, stand up to 15 feet tall on any lake bottom including steep slopes without tipping over with incorporated Vertical lift.  www.fishiding.com