The “Fit2Grid Cube” is a highly energy efficient fitness studio which integrates fitness devices, which generate electrical energy and storing the kinetic energy in a compact space.  The added byproduct of the energy production is: healthier people. We have invented several Energy storing fitness devices including the E-Elliptical, the E-Cycle and E-Cycle Trainer.  All of the inventions are free to use by the fitness members of the Fit2Grid Cube.  The “Fit-Cube” is located in an otherwise unused 1,000-2,000 Sq ft. industrial space.  Because of the close-knit community culture, members can practice and encourage "HILI" High Intensity, Low Impact Fitness Center without the intimidation of traditional large warehouse gyms.

A primary focus of each Fit2Grid Fit-Cube is Net Zero consumption of electricity from the Grid (self-sufficient production off-the grid), and at peak energy production levels, be able to contribute to the electrical grid. This may be possible with a total Energy Efficient Eco-System which includes basic Building Energy Conservation, Solar installation, & harnessing an otherwise wasted Kinetic Energy produced by members.  As an incentive to enroll new members, we will extend complimentary membership to members who are able to maintain a consistent fitness regimen and produce 100 watts per day.  

Enjoy our Open Air Natural Light Warm-Up/Cool Down Area, Hydroponic Moringa plant Wall, and Innovative Fitness Lab area: (E-Gen Capacitor Cycles, Auto Heart Rate/Metabolic Tracking & Reporting, Homing Drone (Get Aerial Footage of your Run around our Park!) $10 Fee for Reports & Footage.