My name is Brandon, and I’m the founder  of Fit Monkey Hawaii! I’m a Certified Natural Trainer II, trained by Jon Hinds at Monkey Bar Gym, and an instructor in both Burton Richardson’s JKDU/MMA for Street Self Defense as well as Battlefield Kali.

Fit Monkey Hawaii is ideal for open-minded people ready for a new approach towards fitness and exercise. You won’t have to take time consuming trips to expensive, over-crowded gyms. Instead you’ll get in shape training outdoors or in the comfort of your own home. You will step off of the machines and get away from the mirrors. The tools we’ll use include kettlebells, yoga, plyometrics, martial arts, and yoga. There is only real “machine” I believe in using: the human body!

Give me about an hour of your time and you’ll discover how to burn fat and build lean muscle with little more than a kettlebell (or two!) and your own bodyweight.

Want to get back in shape or training for a marathon? Slimming down for a wedding or cutting weight for a fight? Whether you want to lose weight or enhance your athletic abilities, Fit Monkey Hawaii will provide you with a unique experience that’s all about fun, functional fitness. The goal is not to just help people look good, but to feel good, be healthy, and better enjoy the things they want to do in life.

“Brandon Bosworth is an astute trainer with a wide scope of methods. Anyone interested in functional fitness would be wise to consult Brandon, as he will devise an efficient, concise plan to suit your personal goals. Stay at home mom to elite MMA fighter, Brandon will help you get in the best shape of your life!”

—Burton Richardson, Founder JKD/MMA for Street Self-Defense, BJJ for Street Self-Defense, and Battlefield Kali. Coach to UFC fighter Chris Leben