Fitfactors.net – An innovative online personalized health and fitness service to set precedence.  Have a personal dietitian and health and fitness expert at your fingertips.

With today’s soaring healthcare costs and obesity along with its related issues becoming a worldwide epidemic, many have turned to the web for affordable and practical solutions.  The web offers numerous services and advantages ranging from free information available to whoever needs it to so called “experts” offering their knowledge and information through blogs and other means.  However, the web is still in its infancy in terms of offering real health care services online.

To address this issue food scientist and clinical dietitian Fouad Murad created Fitfactors.net, a fully online, personalized health and fitness service offering affordable and professional health care and consultative services to the general public.  The service was planned and designed with the customer and only the customer in mind.  This idea of satisfying customer needs is embedded in the pricing as well as the services themselves.  
Fitfactors.net offers the following services:
•     Various monthly membership plans which include:
o     Unlimited consultations by email with Mr. Murad for the duration of the membership period
o     Community building and social networking tools including a forum, chat, profile pages for members, and a recipe sharing portal; all of which are designed to create a strong community where knowledge and motivation are shared
o     Blog dedicated to health, fitness, diet, nutrition, and general wellbeing with regularly written content designed to be reader friendly, practical and highly applicable to everyday life.  Members also have the ability to request topics to be addressed on the blog, making it even more personalized and practical
o     Discounts on other various offered services
•     Live one on one health and fitness consultations via live chat
•     Personalized and tailored lifestyle plans which include:
o     Meal plan
o     Lifestyle advice and tips for a longer, healthier life
o     Supplement advice

Fitfactors.net was designed and created to address the issue of accessible, affordable and professional health care services.  It addresses the issue with the added value that it is fully online.  Therefore, those seeking its offered services can access them from the comfort of their own homes, anytime, anywhere.  It offers unique services designed with the customer and only the customer in mind.  In the future, the creator of Fitfactors.net plans to expand the services of the site by recruiting enthusiastic and open minded healthcare professionals seeking to truly help others to reach their goals and improve their lives.